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Online slots – The Virtual Version of the one armed bandit

Slot machines have evolved ever since the days of the Wild West with online slots becoming more popular every day. Slots enthusiasts will find an excellent selection of classic and video slots at online casinos. Some of them offer life-changing progressive jackpots that will always have everyone from the slots lover to the diehard optimist coming back for more. With thousands of exciting online slots games to choose from, there is every reason for everyone from the newbie to the hardcore slots fan to sign up at an online casino. For newbies, this is the right place to learn what online slots is all about.

Types of online slots

Slots is undoubtedly a game of chance and is less challenging than many other online casino games. The online version is not very different from the original one arm bandits found at land based casinos. Classic slots games feature 3 reels while you will also find a host of 5 reel and a few 7 reel versions as well. Some come with a single pay-line while others feature 25 and even 50 pay-lines.

Classic 3-reel slots

Classic slots are also known as ‘fruit machines’ and feature 3 reels and 3 rows where the objective is to match symbols in a row in order to win. All you need is to hit the spin button and win a payout if the symbols land in a row. While the original classics had one pay-line, many of the new online slots feature multiple pay-lines.

5-reel/Video Slots

Video slots are a major attraction at online casinos. These machines feature 5 reels while you may find as many as 9 reels or more. Many developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt have developed exciting video slots with themes ranging from Hollywood movies to comics. One of the biggest benefits is the number of pay-lines that offer more chances of winning. Some of the newest video slots have as many as 243 pay-lines while there are also games with 1024 pay-lines.

Progressive Slots

These are the online slots that offer huge progressive jackpots worth anything from a few thousands to millions of dollars. This undoubtedly makes them the most popular slots where the pot keeps growing as players continue to wager until the jackpot is won. Some online slots may not have a progressive jackpot but a fixed jackpot where the maximum amount that can be won is predetermined and is usually denoted in coins such as 5000 or 10000. The more coins wagered, the larger the payout.

Slot Features

There are a few features and rules that every online slot has. You will come across terms such as:

Wild Symbol

This is a symbol that substitutes for other symbols and can help you strike a winning combination on pay-lines.

Scatter Symbol
This symbol can trigger wins, free spins, multipliers, and bonus rounds even if they are not on an active pay-line.

This symbol will multiply your win by a specific amount.

Bonus Games
Several bonus symbols on an active pay-line can trigger bonus games that usually come with lucrative prizes.

Free Spins
Slots is all about spinning the reels, and Free Spins offered during a game gives you extra spins at no cost to boost your chances of winning.

How to Play

Playing online slots is as easy as apple pie. All you need is to choose a coin value, where bets usually start from $0.01 to $0.5 or more. Choose your bet level and the number of pay lines. You can also choose the maximum bet and maximum number of pay-lines, which will let the reels spin automatically. Once you’ve placed your bets, press spin and keep watching until the reels come to a halt with the symbols on them. If you hit a winning combination you will win an amount depending on the amount you bet.

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