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South Africa Online Casino Gambling

The rainbow nation has a long history with gambling, the country has arguably one of the most competitive horse racing schedules in the world. Even the smallest of towns are equipped with sporting bars and book makers that are busy throughout the year. Initially, even real, tangible, land-based casinos and all forms of gambling (with the exception of horse racing) was illegal in South Africa, this ban was enforced by the nations Gambling Act of 1965.

Ban on online gambling in South Africa

With South Africa reemerging as a republic nation after the end of the ugly Apartheid, gambling was once again legalized by the National Gambling Act of 1996. The institution of the National Gambling Act of 1996 allowed for licensed casinos to operate, a national lottery began that year and even horse racing was recognized as a gambling act and not really a sporting act.

The drawback of the National Gambling Act of 1996 was the fact that it illegalized online interactive gambling. The country’s definition of online interactive games only included games such as Poker, Bingo and other Casino games. Online Sports betting, online horse racing betting and online book making were all allowed, regulated and widely practiced.

Ban on online interactive games still in place

In the year 2008, the National Amendments Act was proposed to push the government to legalize online interactive games and to regulate the market but the attempt was unsuccessful as it was vigorously opposed by vested interest groups such as land-based casino owners and anti-money laundering authorities.
Despite the ban, hundreds of thousands of South African residents indulge in online interactive gambling, they have not been deterred by the archaic principles of the law makers because these gamblers know that it is nearly impossible to actually enforce such laws and apprehend thousands of people all over the nation that are playing online interactive gambling games for real-money over the internet.

Another reason for the growing popularity of online gambling South Africa is because even though South Africa has made it illegal for online casinos South Africa and foreign to offer their services to South African citizens they cannot really take any form of legal action against off-shore online casinos simply because they lie outside the spectrum of the South African law.

In a bizarre decision, legislators decided to place a ban on online casinos offering their services to South African citizens even if their servers are based outside the borders of the country. The motion was passed on August 20, 2010. This law is kind of futile because even if off shore online casinos violate this law, there is nothing the South African Government can do to penalize them.

Provinces play the role of gambling regulators in South Africa

The country has been physically demarcated into nine different provinces, each of these provinces contain a gambling and racing board. These guys rate book makers and analyze them before providing them with licenses to carry out their business. All casinos and book makers will need to hold a valid license issued by at least one of the nine provinces in order to operate legally.

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